Lower School Park Positive Pioneers - January

The kindergarten teachers are pleased to recognize Mel for being a kind and respectful friend. Last week while on our hike with Earth Spirit, one of our friends began crying because she was cold and didn't want to run through the snow during a game. With encouragement, she did participate and actually " won" the game by being the last student not caught. Mel immediately ran up to this friend, congratulated her and gave her a big hug. When other friends noticed Mel's act of kindness they joined her and it became a group hug. Mel, you do a great job of taking care of your friends and we are very proud of you.

The kindergarten teachers are so happy to recognize Owen as our PPP in January! Owen is a wonderful example of a friend who naturally demonstrates all of Park's Core Values. He is always kind and respectful when playing with friends and because of these qualities, many friends want Owen to be in their area during playtime. The teachers can always count on Owen doing his best work during lessons and when completing independent projects. He is honest when he makes a mistake works on finding solutions to fix things. Owen is a friend who always listens, raises his hand and wants to share his knowledge during our discussions. He lights up the Kindergarten everyday with his smile, fun-loving personality and excitement about learning. Owen, we are very proud of you!

Grade 1
The first grade would like to recognize Thomas for his acts of kindness and responsibility.  A few weeks ago, a 1st grade friend lost their ear muffs on the playground and was very upset about this.  Later in the day, after dismissal, Thomas found the earmuffs on the playground. Knowing how upset his friend was about losing them, he ran them back to Helen Long to give them to her.  This made his friend so very happy. Thomas is truly a kind and wonderful friend and this is just one example of that. We are so proud of you Thomas and 1st grade is lucky to have a friend like you! 

Grade 2
The second grade would like to recognize Addisyn and Yllza for being extra responsible and kind to our new second-grade member, Bun Bun! Last week, Yllza and Addisyn cleaned and fed Bun Bun even though it was not their job! Thank you Yllza and Addisyn for taking such good care of our new class rabbit, Bun Bun!!

Grade 3
Mr. Downey and Grade 3 would like to recognize Fred for his kindness and honesty. Fred is a tremendous caring friend to each of his classmates. Fred goes out of his way to make sure that everyone is included in each activity. Fred is also responsible when it comes to bringing Mr. D. into a situation if a disagreement between classmates occurs. This helps to prevent the disagreement from becoming something bigger where someone’s feelings might get hurt. Finally, in the unfortunate event that Fred happens to forget his homework, Fred responsibly “takes ownership” of his mistake and lets Mr. Downey know right away. This mature approach will take him far next year and in Middle School. Well done Fred! Park is proud!

Grade 4
Mrs. Padmanabha and 4th grade would like to recognize Lou Lou as our Park’s Positive Pioneer for January.  One can always count on Lou for being kind and patient. She assists classmates who may need some help and is a wonderful participant in all group work.  She has a quiet sense of humor who enjoys a good joke or funny moment. Lou is very creative, and her writing is full of details and interesting facts. She takes her responsibilities as a 4th grader seriously and I know Lou will be very successful in middle school.  We are so happy you are part of our class, Lou!
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