Caught Doing Good: Another Round of LS Students Recognized

Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Kindness are important to the daily life at Park. LS teachers recognize their students for behavior that exemplifies these values by highlighting students who are “Caught Doing Good.” We are so proud of these LS Pioneers!

The kindergarten teachers would like to recognize Giada C. for being an amazing role model for Park’s Life Rules. Throughout the kindergarten year, Giada has continuously demonstrated the character traits of respect, responsibility, honesty and kindness. Giada is always an advocate for her friends’ well-being, safety, and happiness. If she sees someone sad or hurt, she will make sure a teacher is aware and immediately go help her friend feel better. Giada always includes friends in her play and is willing to share classroom toys and items from home with her play group. In addition, Giada is a kindergarten friend that the teachers can count on to be a shadow ambassador. She is a wonderful example of everything that is good about Park. Way to go, Giada!

Grade 1
This month Ms. Rico would like to recognize Piero S. for continually living by the Life Rules throughout the school year. Piero is truly an excellent example of what respect, responsibility, honesty, and kindness is. Throughout the year Ms. Rico has been making mental notes of him living by the Life Rules. One way Piero lives by the Life Rules is his consistent responsibility with his schoolwork. He always completes his homework on time and when he is absent, he makes it a priority to complete and hand it in the next day. Another Life Rule that comes to mind with Piero is his kindness. Often times in 1st grade, especially toward the end of the year, students become less mindful of classroom rules and more excited about the end of the year and summer break. Last week during a transition time from gym class, there was a lot of commotion on the math carpet.  As Ms. Rico “investigated” what was going on, she noticed students were having a disagreement about some insects that some students had brought into the classroom. She immediately heard Piero say, “Stop! Don’t hurt the bugs! We need to take them outside.” Upon hearing this, Ms. Rico gave Piero the job to bring the insects outside into their natural habitat. Thank you, Piero for being kind to creatures, both big and small. You deserve this recognition for being consistent with all the Life Rules throughout the year!
Grade 2
Second grade would like to recognize Keeghan C. for always being KIND! Keeghan loves to joke around and be silly. That’s what makes him Keeghan! But even at his silliest he is NEVER unkind! Thank you, Keeghan for always being KIND and for always putting a smile on our faces!
Grade 3
Mr. Downey and Grade 3 would like to recognize Miss Lou Lou R. for her strong showings of responsibility and kindness. Throughout the entire year, Lou Lou has been a great example of what it means to be a true pioneer! Lou Lou is usually the first to remind the class about using the compost bin and will always make a point of reminding Mr. D. when she has a violin lesson or an activity that will keep her from attending soccer practice. Lou is also responsible for helping to welcome a "shadow" into our classroom, assisting a classmate with an assignment or to clean up a mess, or taking the initiative to go first in a new soccer drill. This is consistently done so without being asked and always with enthusiasm! All of this hard work and effort paid off last week when Lou Lou got her first ever goal in a wet and wild soccer game! Coach Downey and even more so, Park School, is very proud of you! Way to go, Lou!

Grade 4
The 4th grade would like to recognize Max C-B. for his acts of kindness. Last week we played a Constitution Bingo game and a handful of students won and were able to choose a prize from the prize box. Max happened to be one of the students that won. As soon as Max picked his prize, another student mentioned that he had never won at Bingo. Without even a thought or hesitation, Max gave this friend the prize he had won. This selfless, kind act is just one example of the kindness that Max shows to his friends every day. You are awesome, Max! Keep it up!
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