LS Students Caught Doing Good

Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Kindness are important to the daily life in Lower School. Classroom teachers recognize their students for behavior that exemplifies these values by highlighting students who are “Caught Doing Good.” Congratulations to these young Pioneers who were recently honored!

The Kindergarten teachers would like to recognize Stella H. for her act of kindness before spring break. On this particular morning, a friend was very sad and crying in his seat. When Stella saw her friend was sad, she immediately went to him and gave him a hug and shared some kind words to cheer him up. Stella’s act of kindness instantly made her friend smile! This is something we have seen Stella do many times for her friends. We are very happy to have such a thoughtful and kind friend in Kindergarten. Keep spreading kindness, Stella!

Grade 1
This month Addisyn D. is being recognized for showing a tremendous display of responsibility. As one of the Lower School government representatives in 1st grade, Addisyn has the task to retrieve the 1st grade recycling bin each time maintenance empties them for the Lower School. Just before spring break, all of the lower school’s recycling bins were emptied. When all of the bins were emptied and lined up outside, Addisyn retrieved the 1st grade’s bin. However, she did not stop there. She asked permission to then deliver the rest of the bins to classrooms and offices in the Helen Long Building. She was granted permission and proceeded to deliver each bin one by one, back to classrooms and offices. This was no small task. There were about 8 of them and Addisyn delivered each one with enthusiasm and endless energy. Recognizing Addisyn for taking care of our school and showing responsibility is easy. We are proud of this young lady and we know she is beaming with pride as well!

Grade 2
Grade 2  would like to recognize Daniel S. as the second grader “Caught Being Good”. Daniel is consistently an example of respect, responsibility, honesty, and kindness! Daniel often offers to clean up classroom messes, even if he didn’t make them. Daniel also helps the kindergarten class clean their lunch tables by throwing out garbage and wiping tables. Daniel can often be found helping other students who are having difficulty with a classroom activity. Additionally, Daniel is always willing to help Mrs. Wood by stepping in to complete classroom jobs when other students are absent. Thank you, Daniel for all the wonderful things you do in Grade 2!

Grade 3
Grade 3 and Mr. Downey would like to recognize Mr. Jeffrey C. for his kindness, honesty, and responsibility. Before leaving the classroom, Jeffrey routinely and consistently makes it a point to tell Mr. D. whenever he is going to ensemble or his violin lesson. Also, when asked whose belongings are strewn about the locker area in the hall, without hesitation, Jeffrey usually says, "Oh, those are mine" and apologetically picks them up with a smile. Finally, in any group activity, Jeffrey again makes a point to always give his best effort and work well with whomever is assigned to him even if that person was not his first choice. This type of positive attitude and mature manner will take Jeffrey far in both school and life. Great job, Jeffrey! Park is proud of you!

Grade 4
Sam H. is the latest Grade 4 student to be recognized for his kindness towards his friends. Sam has gone above and beyond to do kind things for his classmates. For example, he spent the weekend making individualized bookmarks for the friends at his table. Also, he is always willing to share his supplies, even special supplies he brings from home. Sam is also ready to lend a helping hand when a friend is struggling with an assignment, especially with math. Sam truly exemplifies what it means to be kind and considerate and the 4th grade is lucky to have a friend like him! Way to go, Sam!
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