Kindergarten Partners with Upper School Student to Learn about Chickens and Eggs

Three years ago, Park student Luke G. ‘20 came to Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Benzinger and Mrs. Martzolf with a proposal. He wanted to work with the class and teach them about how chickens hatch from eggs. As Luke has raised chickens on his farm for many years and Kindergarten learns about creatures that hatch from eggs in the spring, the teachers decided this educational collaboration would be wonderful!
Farmer Luke, as the Kindergarten friends know him, has run this project for the past three years and it has become a springtime staple in the Lower School. Luke brings in incubators and about 80 eggs from his farm to share with the class. During the 21 day incubation period, the class excitedly waits for the chicks to hatch, Farmer Luke checks on the eggs every day. Luke also brings in a large tub, food, a heat lamp, and bedding for the chicks to go into after they hatch.
On April 3, the first chick emerged from its egg. Over the next few days more and more chicks hatched until there was a total of 27 chicks. The Kindergarten friends could hardly contain their excitement over their new friends! Students from many other grades have come to visit during the experience and loved holding the chicks. Eventually, Luke will take the chicks back to his farm where they will continue to grow and begin to lay eggs of their own.

“We just love this unique collaboration we’ve developed with Luke. The cross-divisional partnership is a truly unique opportunity we have at Park and know that our students have learned so much from Luke, and he has learned a lot from the kindergarten friends as well,” Mrs. Benzinger said.

Many thanks to Luke for offering this wonderful learning opportunity to the Kindergarten class and the rest of Park School!
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