Capital Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Park building a new science building?
  • When the School looked at the future campus needs back in 2010, it was decided that a new science building was a critical need. The current facility, Stone Hall, opened in 1957 and while it has had upgrades over the years, it had not kept pace with improvements to science education and is simply outdated. The School looked at a major renovation of Stone but the cost became exorbitant and would not have fulfilled the academic goals.
When will construction be completed?
  • If the weather cooperates, the building will be finished next fall, the exact date to be determined.
How much does the new building cost?
  • The Knopp-Hailpern Science Center will cost ~$4,000,000
Who is paying for it?
  • We have gifts from hundreds of alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and foundations who recognized how important the new facility is to Park. Gifts have ranged from $5 to $500,000 and each one is important to reaching the goals to fund the new Knopp-Hailpern Science Center, recirculating stream, and pond remediation.
Why is a stream being constructed at the same time?
  • Over the years, it’s become apparent that Park’s pond is increasingly unhealthy. A thorough environmental assessment was done in 2015 and one of the main recommendations was to add a mechanically run stream to the hill that will bring more fresh water into the pond to provide much needed oxygen.
  • The stream will be very natural looking with many rocks and plants included in the design.
  • he stream itself provides a new and third ecosystem for study along with the pond and marsh. Plant and aquatic life in a stream is different than what is found in the two other water systems, the pond and the marsh.
What classes will be held in The Knopp-Hailpern Science Center?
  • All science classes for students in grades 7-12 will take place in the new building.
  • Younger learners in pre-k to grade 2 will be active users of the Field Station which will be the space closest to the pond.
  • Students will regularly use the Center for Campus Inquiry as a place to display the Park School Natural Collections and other examples of projects and class work.
Is the new building going to be LEED certified? Why not?
  • The Knopp-Hailpern Science Center will be environmentally sound while not officially LEED certified. The costs for LEED Certification were beyond what the Board of Trustees and Campaign Committee felt were fiscally prudent. However, the new building’s energy efficiency and use of more sustainable building materials and systems in construction will make the new building the most environmentally advanced building on campus.
What will happen with Stone Hall when The Knopp-Hailpern Center opens?
  • The future of Stone Hall is not yet known but will be considered as the School develops its next campus master plan, beginning in the spring 2018.
Will construction disrupt the school day and teaching?
  • Our construction managers, RP Oakhill, have much school construction experience and are committed to making sure the process disrupts the school’s daily operations as little as possible. At the same time, we need to recognize that constructing a 10,000 square foot building with associated landscape features will have an impact. We are hopeful that the relatively short time frame for construction and the excitement for the new building and what it will mean to Park will mitigate any major disruptions.
  • As with the recent renovation of Karrer Field, the contractors will generally arrive before the school day starts.
Does Park still need money for the project?
  • We are thrilled that our generous community has fully funded The Knopp-Hailpern Science Center! If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project, additional funds will be used to further enhance the furniture, fixtures, and equipment both in and outside of the building.
  • One way to participate is by purchasing a paver for $1,000 in your name, the name of your Park student or graduate, or even a favorite teacher. Pavers will be installed in the entrance plaza of The Knopp-Hailpern Center. 
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