Upper School (9-12)

Park’s philosophy of education bears fruit at the upper level, where focus on college readiness predominates. Students who have been encouraged to explore their individual strengths and talents understand that the real definition of failure is not trying. Students who have had the freedom to think for themselves and learn by doing have the self-discipline and self-reliance to assume increasing responsibility for planning and executing their own work. Students who have been part of a tightly knit, multi-age, ethnically and socioeconomically diverse community step easily into the adult world. Students who have been rewarded for behaving with generosity, tolerance, and mutual respect are accepted and valued by their peers.
Park graduates are open-minded, self-confident young men and women whose love of learning, flexibility, and strong sense of community serve them well throughout their lives. Park combines a rigorous academic curriculum with extracurricular activities weighted toward academics. Emphasis on clear thinking and cogent expression in both writing and speaking is pervasive in all disciplines. Problem solving, logical thinking, organization and reasoning; critical thinking; and use of current technology are other vital skills built into the Upper School curriculum.

College counseling starts formally in the eleventh grade, based on groundwork set in grades 9 and 10. Students are thoughtfully and knowledgeably guided to colleges that match their individual talents, ambitions, personalities, credentials, and resources. One hundred percent of Park graduates are accepted to college – private, public, selective, inclusive, small, huge, urban, rural, strong tech, strong arts, close to home, far away – wherever it suits them best.
Founded in 1912, The Park School of Buffalo has the distinction of being one of the oldest Progressive schools in the country. Park is an independent, co-educational school serving approximately 300 students enrolled in prekindergarten (3 and 4 year olds), lower school (kindergarten through grade 4), middle school (grades 5 through 8), and upper school (grades 9 through 12). Park is uniquely situated on 34 beautiful acres in Amherst, New York. The School’s campus – formerly a farm – includes a pond, marsh, gardens, and a greenhouse while being located just minutes from downtown Buffalo and easily accessible from many communities throughout Western New York. Park’s educational philosophy embraces active, student-centered learning, delivered by exceptional teachers who design and continuously update a robust curriculum. Faculty members approach each student as an individual within the context of a kind and respectful community. From the preschool years through college preparation, The Park School of Buffalo helps learners realize their own unique potentials and prepares them to be confident, successful, life-long learners.

The Park School Of Buffalo

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